We offer full website builds and migrations for small businesses.

When taking your business online, there are an overwhelming number of paths to take, but only a few good ones.

We're here to help you make the right choices for your business.

Here Are Your Options

A platform, or CMS (Content Management System), is the first choice you need to make when building a website.

There are thousands of platforms out there, but only a few good ones for small businesses.


What makes a good platform?

  • Price
  • Ability to make changes quickly and easily
  • Ability to maintain control of your business
  • Ease of setup or TTL (Time To Launch)


Here are the good platforms:


Aimbot's mission is to hunt down businesses that are being plagued by bad platform choice, and migrate them over to the good guys. This saves you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration in the long run.

If we reached out to you cold via email... there's your sign.

How much time should it take to design your website and how much should you pay?

There are two viable routes you can choose as a small business.


The DIY, Money-Saver Route

Choose this path when: You have more time than you have money. (We started Aimbot with $300 and a dream. We ain't judgin'.)

This path takes a bit of elbow grease to get setup as you're not paying an agency to fully custom-build your website, but it is the most cost-effective way to get started.

Cost: $100-1,000

Setup Time: 1-4 weeks


Step 1: Pick a theme and pay $100-2,100 for it.

BigCommerce Themes

Shopify Themes

WordPress/WooCommerce Themes


Step 2: Replace the existing theme content with your website's content, or pay an agency (like Aimbot, if I do say so myself)

We can get you setup for between $500 and $2,000.


The Badass Custom Route

Choose this path when: You're willing to invest some money to save yourself time and you want a final result that people see and say, WOW!

If you take this path with us, we gather your brand assets and business mission and create a custom design that will blow you away.

During our interview with our lead designer he said, "I want to think critically and make cool shit." That statement right there landed him the job. We want to build clear, purpose-driven, awesome websites.

Cost: $6,000-10,000+

Setup Time: 8-12 weeks


Step 1: Gather your business requirements:

  • Brand
  • Images
  • Mission, Purpose, Story
  • Existing Site Content (if applicable)


Step 2: Design

We design a rough draft of the site and show you what it will look like on both desktop and mobile.

We then gather your feedback, make the necessary changes and finalize the design.


Step 3: Implementation

Our engineers take the design blueprints and build your website to spec.


Step 4: Quality Assurance (QA)

We click every button and view the website on every screen size in an attempt to break our work and find flaws.

Once our QA is complete, we hand the website over to you to do the same.


Step 5: Profit.

Shipping & Logistics should be a straight-forward process with the platform you choose.

We recommend taking these steps:

Step 1: Figure out who you're going to ship to and how much you are going to charge them.


  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate
  • USPS, FedEx, UPS Live Rates


Step 2: Use a fulfillment app (handles label printing, order management)

We recommend:



Step 3: Buy a label printer.


Need help setting things up? Just ask. We got you.



Everyone's favorite subject.

For tax, we recommend integrating with either Avalara or TaxJar to automatically handle your eCommerce tax rates.

These integrations will be one-click and easy to implement with BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Cost should be between $20 and $200 per month.



When it comes to accounting, we're getting into the weeds a bit, but depending on the platform you choose, there should be an easy integration with your accounting software.


Need help setting things up? Just ask. We got you.

Payment Processor varies by platform, but here are our favorites:



Need help setting things up? Just ask. We got you.

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